10 Practical Ways to Improve Your Customer Service


1. Stay in touch with customers on a daily basis. even as it’s bad news to send too many emails to customers, it’s even as bad to not stay in touch with them. Customers don’t need to feel abandoned. So don’t.

Here are three things to assist you stay in-tuned .

(1) Offer them your ezine subscription a minimum of once a month. (2) Ask customers if they need to be updated by e-mail once you make changes to your internet site . (3) Follow-up after each sale to ascertain if they’re satisfied with their purchase. Send an e-mail out a couple of days after their purchase, another during a week or two, then another during a month.

2. Create a customer focus group by inviting 10 to twenty loyal customers to satisfy regularly. Alternatively, send a monthly survey to the present group posing for ideas and input on the way to improve your customer service. Give them a gift . Pay them, give them a present certificate, or send them free product.

3. Have an internet site that’s easy to navigate. Add a commonly asked question’s “FAQ” page and explain anything which may confuse your customers or visitors. Follow-up with an electronic survey with questions on the way to increase your site’s user-friendliness.

4. Resolve customer complaints quickly and completely. Answer all e-mail and phone calls within a couple of hours. this may show your customers you actually care about them.

5. Don’t make your customers or visitors search for your contact information. Make it easy for them to contact you. Offer as many contact methods as possible. Hyperlink all of your e-mail addresses in order that they do not have to seek out or type it. Offer a toll free number.

6. If you’ve got strategic alliances or employees, confirm they’re conversant in your customer service policy. Give your employees bonuses or incentives to practice excellent customer service. Tell employees to be flexible with each individual customer, all has different concerns, needs and needs .

7. Give your customers quite they expect. Send many thanks gifts to while customers. E-mail them greeting cards on holidays or birthdays if you’ve got their address or online cards if you simply have their e-mail address and name. Give bonuses to your customers who make an enormous purchase or multiple purchases.

8. U-welcome, please, and many thanks and may never be over used. Be polite regardless of what. Admit and apologize for mistakes quickly and make it up to them in BIG ways if you would like them to continue being a customer.

9. Reward in points — give customers some extent for each dollar they spend. found out a points-earned sheet. E-mail the customer an update monthly. If they send you a referral they get 10 points, if they buy something add 10 more points.

10. If your business is local, invite customers to your office for lunches, parties, barbecues, dances, seminars or other special events.

It isn’t what you perceive as valuable but what customers see from their eyes. Yet, sometimes, you only can’t please some folks. If that happens does one best then let it go. you do not want them for clients anyway.

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