5 More Strategies to Boost Business Productivity


Building a dynamic small business may be a constantly evolving, increasingly demanding role.

It is very easy to urge so trapped within the day to day running of our business that we neglect to require the time to ascertain from the surface in to see what we could do to enhance our profitability!

Well here are 5 Strategies that would boost your productivity overnight!

They are not rocket science…and you’ll have even heard a number of them before, but they’re 5 proven principles that you simply can review today to assist you stay track regarding the important issues to grow your business from here.

So why don’t you’re taking quarter-hour …make yourself a coffee…and recharge your batteries!

1. Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in one sentence

What is at the guts of your business that creates it unique and attractive for your customers? Summarise your key selling points that make your product or service a ‘must have’ for your clients.

You probably went through this exercise once you first started your business…but have you ever got to remind yourself regularly why you’re doing what you’re doing!

New competitors may have emerged and you do not have that very same uniqueness that you simply once had.

Perhaps it is time to reinvent yourself and obtain that edge over the market once again!

2. Identify Who Your Target Market Is

When you first started your business, you knew exactly who your target market was. is that this market still an equivalent , or have they grown up…or matured in their buying habits.

Has new technology overtaken your ideas?

Just imagine if Video Rental Stores had stubbornly refused to rent DVDs because they were just a Video Store! Your market may have changed, and you’ll got to reassess who you’re trying to succeed in .

Your original target market have grown older since you began and if you’re still promoting your products or service to the present same group – their needs could also be different!

3. Would you wish Fries with That?

McDonalds have made a further fortune by training all of their sales department to ask one simple question with every order: ‘Would you wish fries with that?’

visited buy a tube to repair my daughter’s bike puncture the opposite day, and rather than just selling me a replacement tube, the smart salesman within the Bike Shop enquired quite genuinely if I had the proper tools to repair it.

I didn’t – but in fact he did…so he cleverly added value to my shopping experience, and added extra profit to his bottom line.

What service or product are you able to offer to people to form their original purchase with you even more worthwhile?

4. Establish where your clients go before and after they visit you?

If you’ll determine this, then you’ll add instant profits to your business.

Just imagine if you owned a true Estate business. Wouldn’t it add up to possess a Settlement Agent in house? And what a few Mortgage Broker? or maybe a Removalist Company?

Perhaps you’ll hire out an outsized Furniture Trailer together with your name emblazoned everywhere it!

Ask yourself an equivalent question and you’ll start incorporating other services that complement your existing business and watch the profits grow!

5. Ask your existing customers for referrals

If you’re providing a superb product or service, then your biggest fans are going to be your existing customers.

Why not offer them an incentive to place you in-tuned with people a bit like them who would also enjoy your services?

It doesn’t need to be anything really expensive…maybe even just a tenth discount off their next purchase from you.

I referred some friends to a Mortgage Broker a couple of months ago…and had forgotten all about it…until last week I received 2 movie tickets within the mail thanking me for the gesture.

A $20 investment leaves a pleasant impression in my mind which will probably make me consider him again when my agent asks me if i do know of an honest Mortgage Broker!

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