5 Strategies to Boost Business Productivity


Growing your own small business are often one among the foremost exciting journeys you’ll ever embark upon!

But it is vital that you simply continuously implement new and fresh ways to get sales and improve your profitability so as to remain before the market!

Here are subsequent 5 Strategies to assist you propel your business to new heights of success!

1. Develop your own Loyalty Program

If you’ve got a glance in my wallet, I even have a Jesters Pies Card, a Subway Card and a Video Ezy card – all of which entitle me to something for nothing once I even have made enough purchases!

Some people will call me cheap…I just think it makes sense! If I’m getting to buy something anyway…why not go somewhere that rewards me for my loyalty?

If people need to buy your sort of product or service from somewhere, why not make it more attractive for them to shop for from you?

Create your own loyalty program and make regular, satisfied customers who get rewarded for supplying you with their business!

2. Collect email addresses from your clients (with their permission!)

The most cost effective sort of marketing today is via email and if you haven’t already started collecting your client’s email addresses then start today. you’ll wonder how that would possibly assist you grow your business, but let me offer you an example.

I recently heard of a Hairdresser who started collecting email addresses from her clients whenever they came to possess their hair cut – with the promise that she would keep them informed of any specials that she could be offering.

Now, when she looks at subsequent week’s bookings – if there are many spare appointments she fires out an email to all or any of her clients offering a special for ‘Next Week Only!’ – and bingo! She features a full week of appointments.

She’s happy and her clients are made to feel even more special that they’ve picked up a gift for his or her loyalty!

3. Create your own monthly newsletter

Every business has something interesting to share with their clients and i am sure yours is not any exception! once more , by using your email addresses, you’ll provide a really low cost service to your clients, and provides you an excuse to stay in-tuned with them monthly .

If you’re an accountant, then why not provide financial tips concerning the time of year. Eg GST info, Tax Tips etc.

If you’re a mechanic, what about some tips for keeping your engine running smoothly. Eg Checking the oil and water, tyre pressure etc.

Maybe you are a Lawnmowing contractor…what about suggestions for keeping your grass green and plush consistent with the various seasons.

Of course monthly you’ll also offer ‘specials’ to your loyal clients to usher in extra profits during the quieter times. within the meantime, you’re building a stronger relationship together with your existing clients.

4. When was the last time you raised your prices?

Here’s a moment thanks to increase your profits!

Are you underselling your services? have you ever checked what your competitors are charging recently?

By adding a number of the worth added services that I’ve already addressed within the previous questions, you’ll probably also add some increases to your pricing without an excessive amount of drama from your clients.

If you’ve got a superb product or service, don’t become the discount king or queen…become the Exceptional Service Provider.

People don’t mind paying permanently quality service…because there’s so little of it around!

If you mow a fifty lawns every week at $16 each, are people really getting to mind if you increased your price to $17? Or what about even $20 – but monthly you left them with a special report about the way to look after some aspect of their lawn or garden for that month of the year – or even even threw some fertilizer on their grass! (They’ll got to get you back even sooner if their grass grows better!)

You just added a further $50 – $150 to your weekly profits – for little or no extra work!

Think creatively!!

5. Develop your own Board of Directors

You probably know of other successful business operators in totally different fields from you, and their ideas could even be of benefit to your business.

Why not create your own Board of Directors. Offer to require them bent lunch as a gaggle every two months and brainstorm for ideas on what they might do if they were running your business.

You may devour two or three new ideas which isn’t a nasty return on your investment of lunch!

Successful people like to share their ideas, so become a sponge and learn the maximum amount as you can!

Start applying these principles to your business today, and watch your profits grow!

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