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New Age Media Concepts issues its first article of the many which will specialise in the advertising and marketing industry.

“If a young man tells his date she’s intelligent, looks lovely, and may be a great conversationalist, he’s saying the proper things to the proper person and that is marketing. If the young man tells his date how handsome, smart and successful he’s — that’s advertising. If somebody else tells the girl how handsome, smart and successful her date is — that’s PR .” By S.H. Simmons.

Welcome to New Age Media Concepts, Inc. where we understand your needs and the way to maximise your marketing dollar.

Marketing is your strategy for allocating resources (time and money) so as to realize your objectives.

People have their own unique perceptions of the planet supported their belief system. the foremost innovative ideas, the best products, or a superior service succeed only you market within the context of people’s perceptions. this is often true from something as simple because the pet rock craze of the 1970s to the marketing muscle of Wall Street and therefore the Internet boom of the 1990s.

Context are often many things, singly or simultaneously. to call a couple of you’ll market to your customers within the context of their wants, needs, problems solved, or situation improved. Current and potential advertisers got to remember of the many other contexts, like social and economic trends or governmental regulations.

People don’t just “buy” a product or a service. They “buy” the concept of what that product will do for them, or help them do for themselves. People just don’t “buy” a detergent , they buy the perceived notion of what that detergent brand says it can accomplish for them. Otherwise every brand within the supermarket are going to be a no-frills. this is often to not say that if a product fails to satisfy the customers’ expectations that product are going to be successful within the end of the day . No amount of advertising and marketing will help a failed product achieve that scenario.

To have a successful campaign a product or service must understand that they have to start out out with something a consumer needs, wants, or improves their situation which product or service actually does help the buyer for the end of the day .

The ny Times said it best during a recent article, “Companies can’t Buy Love with Bargains” Building brand loyalty is quite just hyping the buyer into buying a product, it’s gaining their trust and therefore the trust of their family both today and for years to return . One example of great brand building is H.J. Heinz, (NYSE: HNZ) they need been around for many years and that they gained the loyalty and trust of the buyer spanning generations, now that’s great brand building.

Anyone could hype a brand for brief term gains but that does not accomplish the goals of the advertiser or the buyer it’s good initially but what happens when the merchandise isn’t flying off the shelves any more and therefore the consumers have lost trust within the product or the company?. in fact you would like new and innovative ways to urge your message to the buyer but this message has got to be geared to putting together consumer loyalty and not just hype. Even the most important companies make this error and buy it with decreased sales and profit margins.

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