Are Employers Responsible for Accidents at Work?


Accidents are a daily occurrence through out the united kingdom and are something that a lot of people have taken steps to deal with . However there are still many accidents happening within the country, and there are basic steps that you simply as an employer can fancy limit and reduce the number of accidents which may occur.

It must be made clear that not only does one as an employer have the responsibly to supply your staff with the right materials and equipment which will allow them to hold out their job safely, but that also the worker features a responsibility to follow those guidelines and maintain a high standard of health and safety awareness for themselves and people around them.

So what are a number of the items that require to be addressed as an employer?

Make the work place safe – remove anything which may cause injury to those that use the workplace also as eliminate any positional hazards.
Prevent exposure to substances which will damage your health – this might include such things as dangerous chemicals like acid also as future problematic materials like Asbestos.
Ensure that the right equipment is employed and properly maintained – this may allow your employees to use equipment that’s up to plain and safe to use.
Ensure that machinery is safe to use which safe working practices are enforced and followed – this may reduce the danger of accidents and supply people with the knowledge they have to finish their job during a safe manor.
Provide your employees with the protective clothing or equipment that’s required to try to to the work freed from charge – this might be include such things as ladders that are suitable, overalls and even protective eye wear.
Take steps to avoid potentially dangerous work involving manual handling – reduce the danger of injury by accessing the simplest practices to require so as to make sure that the security of the worker or those around them aren’t compromised.
Provide health and safety supervision as and when it s required – this is often important if the worker remains earning the work because it will limit and possible injuries by having someone who is competent supervising any work being done.
Precautions got to be put into place to avoid the workers coming into contact with flammable materials, explosive hazards, electrical equipment and any excessive noise – if the work evolves coming in to contact with this stuff it’s necessary to require such steps so as to guard the worker and reduce chances of possible injury by providing the right equipment.
Ensure that all materials are handled and stored safely – taking care of any materials that are used whilst working will help reduce possible accidents.
Ensure that health and safety requirements are met altogether aspects of the employee’s day – this may also include that the working environment meets requirements including temperature, lighting, and toilets.

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