Be Careful Where You Get Career Advice


Most of the recommendation you receive on career advancement will come from people that have ulterior motives. a number of them even have an interest in seeing you are doing something which will benefit them. Objective career advice is usually elusive. Let’s check out a number of the foremost common places people receive career advice and assess their objectivity.

Your Employer. Many companies offer training and development programs. a number of these are neat and that they can provide you with some valuable skills and knowledge that you simply can use through out your career. One thing is nearly always true – the training and development that’s offered or sanctioned by your employer will benefit them. Sales representatives are going to be offered sales training to assist them sell more. this might benefit the rep if he moves to a different company, but his present employer will definitely reap the rewards within the short term. What does this need to do with career advice? Well, if the corporate has invested several thousands of dollars in training you for an edge , how willing are they getting to be to assist you progress out of that role? Some companies are going to be willing to ascertain you advance beyond that role, after you’ve got produced a big return on their investment. However, the employer will want to form sure that training is put to good use in your current role.

Your Boss. once you sit down for your performance review your boss is meant to offer you feedback and assist you outline a road map for your future. ninefold out of ten your promotion will mean more work for your boss. this will take the shape of getting to coach someone new do your job or simply to select up your work while he looks for somebody to exchange you. within the end it’s in his best interest to inform you that you simply simply stink – or a minimum of tell you that you have an extended thanks to attend get to subsequent level.

A Headhunter. Recruiters get paid to try to to one thing – fill positions. they need to urge the proper person within the right job because they do not want to fill an equivalent position multiple times within a brief period (this is more work for them). Once a headhunter recognizes that you simply have the talents to fill a particular role, it’s his job to urge you to require that position and to urge the employer to require you. Sure this is sensible for the short term – getting employment . What about your future career goals? What incentive does the headhunter need to make sure that the present job fits in with the large picture for you? Who is paying the headhunter?

In the end employing a headhunter as a part of your strategic career plan are often valuable. you would like to be sure that you simply know which direction your career will take if your follow their advice. Just confine mind that a headhunter has an obligation to the party that’s paying his fee. If you’re not that party, you ought to take the headhunter’s advice with a grain of salt.

Your Friends. this is often about as on the brink of an objective source as most of the people encounter during their career planning. Wise friends who know you and your goals are often helpful as you execute your career development plan. Just remember that friends can sometimes get jealous. This jealousy can taint their advice. you almost certainly know your fiends tolerably to assess weather or not their advice is objective. Just keep your mind open.

In the end, you would like to return up with a career development plan that’s right for you. this could include input from multiple sources. Input and feedback is effective but remember that you simply should never allow anyone to steal your dream. Plan your career based upon your goals not based entirely upon the recommendation of others.

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