Career Advice: Avoid the Success Killers


Sticking to fundamental business principles is that the basis for successful career planning. To us this suggests that our customers are ready to lock up job high-paying offers in as little as 14 days or less.

Old-fashioned methods that need seemingly unending mailings and postings of resumes just aren’t getting it anymore. It can take weeks or months to realize mediocre results.

I recently had the great fortune to read a piece of writing about career success by Larry Thompson, a Hollywood producer.
It struck me as a wonderful piece of career planning advice.

Thompson reports that, in his experience, there are 10 success killers. As I examine them it occurred to me that they apply to job search success, as well. That’s because one among the key insights into alternative and non-traditional strategies is that employment success follows an equivalent rules as business success.

Here are the success killers you ought to avoid:

1. Comparing yourself to somebody else .

2. Not facing your fears.

3. Leaving employment undone.

4. Feeling pitying yourself.

5. Failing to talk assertively.

6. Dressing inappropriately.

7. Saying you hate computers.

8. Not taking advantage of recommendation from family, friends and mentors.

9. Saying “I can’t.”

10. Having more regrets than dreams.

No one said finding employment is straightforward . However, most job hunters suffer from lack of results. it’s always because they’ve taken the incorrect approach. they can not achieve fast and lucrative results by using last century methods.

However, 21st Century strategies are exciting career planning alternatives to the quaint ways. Reviewing (and avoiding ) the ten success killers may be a terrific place to start out to insure your job search success.

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