Communication Barriers: Simplifying the Communication Process


The communication process are often far more difficult than an individual thinks. Unfortunately, repeatedly a presenter doesn’t realize that their message is being lost until it’s too late and that they have skilled a whole meeting/lecture talking away about something that their colleagues/audience thinks is completely meaningless. Here are some helpful inquiries to ask yourself before attempting to relay a message to an outsized audience.

Communication barriers could also be categorized as follows: Assumptions about yourself — Do i actually have something to supply ? Is it safe on behalf of me to offer suggestions? Do i actually want to share the knowledge ? Will others really understand? How will the communication affect my self-esteem? Attitudes about the message itself — is that the information valuable? Do I see the information correctly or conscious of it|comprehend it”> know it tolerably to explain it to others? Is it organized? Am I comfortable with what i’m saying? am i able to maintain eye contact? Sensing the receiver’s reaction — Do I become aware of whether or not the receiver is really understanding? Or, in other words, am i able to “sense” from certain cues or reactions by the receiver, whether or not we are communicating? Am I conscious of the receiver’s needs? interests?

Communication can easily be simplified. All you’ve got to try to to is know the main causes of communication failures and detect them as they occur. Typically, people involved in communication breakdowns are either (a) utterly unaware that the communication has failed which misunderstanding has resulted; or (b) painfully conscious of a communication blockage — or complete breakdown — and frustrated by not knowing the explanations why. In either case, people are powerless to handle or remedy the matter . Remember, the expert communicator not only learns to detect communication barriers but also to anticipate them and use an appropriate remedy to beat them.

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