Customer Service: How to Keep Customers


Who was it that said – “The customer is usually right”? Well
for those of you who can’t get through the day without
knowing, it had been H Gordon Selfridge, the founding father of
Selfridges’s emporium in London.

The question i would like answered is; did he ever work with
customers on day-to-day basis and if so, was he some quite

Let’s face it; customers are often a true pain within the neck. You
move heaven and earth for them, you answer their every
whim, you give them time to pay and that they still attempt to screw
your prices down.

Just when you’ve done all that, they leave you and begin
buying from one among your competitors.

Wouldn’t running a business be an entire lot better if we
didn’t have customers? Well, as we all know all too well, we do
need customers and much of them. we would like them to remain with
us and that we want them to mention nice things about us to other

We also want them to pay us on time and accept the very fact that
we might be a touch costlier than others.

So how can we perform this miracle? It’s dead easy really;
you only need to consider two factors: be reliable and be
likeable. First off, let’s consider what we mean by being

Reliability is about your product or service doing what you
say it’ll do. It comes in two parts, the primary part being:
doing it right first time and doing it on time.
If you cannot get this bit right then you are going to possess
big problems. Customers will accept the occasional mistake,
but too many and you have had it, so let’s look a touch closer
at reliability.

We’ve come an extended way in recent years in terms of product
and core service reliability. Nowadays when people buy a
product or service they expect it to figure you do not buy a
computer, a washer or an automobile and worry that
it might not work. you recognize that it’ll you furthermore may know that
if it didn’t, it might get replaced without quibble.
The only thing is, that if you deliver this sort of
reliability in your business then don’t expect any brownie
points from your customers, they merely take it without any consideration .
Where you’re more likely to slide up within the reliability
stakes (and this is often the second part) is in what some people
still think of minor issues:

*Failing to phone back once we said we would;

*Failing to deliver once we said we would;

*Failing to send information once we said we would;

*Failing to incorporate something extra once we said we might .

The ironic thing is that some customers often regard these
failures as quite normal. However, these people won’t stay
with you, they do not say nice things about you to other
people and they’ll complain about your prices.

If you say you’ll phone a customer back by 5pm then phone
before 4pm not the subsequent day. If you say someone will
call between 9am and 12noon, then do everything you’ll to
ensure that someone calls closer to nine than 12. Don’t
think for a moment that calling at 11.55 impresses the
customer because it doesn’t.
So let’s just repeat it so there is no misunderstanding later
on: firstly your product or service possesses to be reliable,
secondly, everything you tell the customer has got to be

However, i think that quite anything you, your product
or service and your people need to be likeable.

Too many organisations forget that their customers are
humans and therefore the thing about humans is that they do not always
make decisions logically. you’ll have a reliable product or
service, reliable delivery time and competitive prices. But
it’s not enough.

Customers are driven by their emotions and it helps a heck
of tons if they such as you and feel good about your business
and your people.

“Our customers do like us,” I hear you say, “except maybe
the difficult ones, the awkward people, those who are
never happy, the miserable devils – need i’m going on?
Have you ever heard the old saying “you only get the purchasers
you deserve”?

Run your eye down the subsequent list and see what percentage you
can check .

*We always have a real smile for each customer.

*We are warm and friendly to all or any customers.

*We listen carefully and make it obvious that we are

*We use the purchasers name and our name appropriately.

*We give the impression that we care.

*We empathise with problems or complaints and respond

*We occasionally do something to pleasantly surprise the

*We always keep our promises.

*We give the impression that we are fun to affect .

*We treat the customer the way they need to be treated, not
the way we would like to be treated.

How well did you do? If you’ve tons of ticks then you
probably have many customers who such as you .
Just a word to the managers and employers amongst you. Run
your eyes down that list again and replace the word
“customer” with the words “employee” or “staff colleague.”
How many ticks did you get this time? many ticks mean
your staff such as you and it probably follows that your
customers do also .

Have you noticed how being likeable costs so little? tons
less than advertising or other promotional activity required
to replace lost customers.

Maybe the customer isn’t right, but if you would like to
keep them, confirm they such as you .

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