Customer Service: How to Make Your Customer Feel Like a Winner


Winning Customer Experiences

Much research has been done on what the makes a winning customer experience. what’s it that creates customers come to your business rather than getting to someone else’s? If your repeat business is low, what’s it that you simply do to drive your customers away? there’s a uniform theme that emerges across the research – winning customer experiences are built on consistency. Michael Gerber in his book “The E-Myth Revisited” calls this orchestration. “Orchestration is that the glue that holds you fast to your customers’ perceptions”.

This may seem a glib response to a posh issue, but take a flash to think about it from the customer’s viewpoint. When handling a business for the primary time, the customer probably has no set expectations on what the experience are going to be like. together with your first interaction, you set the quality within the customer’s mind. If you set a positive standard, the customer will likely return. subsequent time they are doing , the customer will expect an equivalent from you. Fail to deliver, and ultimately you’ll lose that customer.

So if consistency is that the key, how should a business set about ensuring the consistent experience for the customer?

First, start with the top state that you simply want to make . What experience does one want your customers to possess (cheerful, professional or in no time service, friendly, feel valued etc). With this in mind, believe all the ways in which your customers interact together with your business. Your business may have many touchpoints – telephone, face to face (single or multiple sites), email, web-site, mail then on. Your business must be predictable at each touch point, and predictably an equivalent . The customer notices once they get one experience by walking into your shop, and a special experience once they speak to you on the phone.

Achieving consistency comes right down to documenting exactly how you would like your business to reply in each situation. If it isn’t documented then how will the people in your business know what you mean? Sure you’ll tell them, but this process falls over in larger businesses with many employees and multiple sites. you want to create systems and procedures that consistently deliver your chosen experience in the least levels of your company. With everyone in your business responding an equivalent way, whenever , the customer knows exactly what to expect, and may depend upon you to supply it whenever having the ability to duplicate an equivalent (winning) experience for the customer will build your brand and their loyalty.

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