Customer Service Tip: Don’t Give Customers What They Want, Give Them What They Need


One of the mantras we hear repeatedly in business is “The customer is usually right.” I’m here to inform you that if you would like to create a thriving business you would like to forget that saying, and note of Payne’s Law #1 “The customer is usually right- a number of the time.” I’ll explain why during a minute.

The worst quite businessperson is that the one who cynically tries to force the customer to settle on the thing that he has got to sell, whether it’s best for the customer or not. The old ‘hard-sell’. Most of can agree- that’s not an honest thanks to do business.

Find Out What they have

To my mind, there’s another, more common failing amongst businesspeople, which is that the lack of desire to try to to what’s best for the customer. Believe me, the customer doesn’t always know what they have they could know what they need , but which will not be the simplest answer. it’s going to even be answering the incorrect question. Please don’t assume that the customer may be a lifetime expert in your field, has done tons of research, or has engaged a firm of consultants to recommend what he’s posing for . He probably saw it on TV, or got great advice from his buddy down at the bowling alley.

Let’s take an extreme, medical situation. The patient visits his physician, and says “I’ve got a shocking headache. Prescribe that new painkiller, Fantast-something on behalf of me .” The physician says “Sure”, and sends him of to the pharmacy for a few Fantastifen. Yes, the physician’s given his patient what he WANTS, but it’s going to not be what he NEEDS. Some discussion and a few intelligent questioning may need discovered that the important problem may be a need for spectacles, or a malignant brain tumor! The physician only does the simplest for his patient when he tries to get the important NEED, and advises (and explains) the acceptable course of action. In fact, if he doesn’t do this he’s being professionally negligent!

If you would like to create a successful, long-term business, you would like customer satisfaction, repeat customers and referral business. Will you get those if you give the customer what he WANTS, but it then fails to try to to the work he requires, and wastes his money? i feel not. Where you’ve got the choice , I suggest you’re taking your dealings together with your customers an additional step.

Let Them Know They’re Valued

Let them know that having them as happy customers of your business is extremely important to you. that you simply would really like to require a while to know their needs a touch better. that you simply wish to confirm you give them the foremost appropriate, best-value answer to their needs. It normally doesn’t take much time to realize an understanding of the purchasers needs, and to figure out what the simplest solutions are. you’ll then ‘play back’ to them what you understand about their requirements, and recommend the acceptable solutions. With an evidence . “Product X is $20 cheaper now, but the refills cost twice the maximum amount . At your rate of use it’ll cost you more inside 12 months” “If you’re planning on vacationing within the tropics, a pure cotton would be cooler than a heavyweight mixture” “That bike will last 20 years, but your son are going to be too big for it during a year, why not check out subsequent size?”

If you actually care about your customer, it’ll show. If you actually give good advice, most frequently it’ll be appreciated. Appreciative customers are happy customers. Happy customers are repeat customers. And happy customers refer people to you.

Do yourself a favor. DON’T give the purchasers what they need . If you truly want to be a real professional, help them discover what they have .

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