Customer Service Tip: Satisfaction is Your Business


Regardless of what business you’re in – you’re really within the business of satisfying customers. The degree of customer satisfaction you deliver determines the extent of long-term success you’ll achieve in business.

Make Customer Satisfaction Your Top Priority

Don’t just make sales. Create customers – satisfied customers. additionally to the immediate profit they supply on the primary sale, satisfied customers assist you build your business in 2 other important ways:

1. They become a reservoir of repeat buyers. for a few businesses meaning repeat buyers for more of an equivalent product or service. for each business, it means buyers for extra products and services.

2. They automatically refer more business to you from their friends and business contacts. this is often highly profitable business for you because it doesn’t cost you any time or money to urge it.

Never Promise quite You Deliver

Never make any promises you cannot (or won’t) keep. Nothing alienates customers faster than getting something but they expect from a business transaction. they will not do business with you again. and that they will tell everybody they realize their unhappy experience – causing you to lose future customers.

Tip: Handle customer complaints quickly and with a positive attitude. Strive to preserve your relationship with the complaining customer rather than your immediate take advantage of them. they’re going to reward you later with more sales and referrals.

Always Give Customers quite They Expect

“Over deliver” on quality and repair . Always exceed your customers’ expectations. you’ll win their future loyalty. It also makes it difficult for competitors to steal customers from you – albeit they need lower prices. Customers won’t risk an uncertain experience with a competitor once they know they’re going to get quite they expect from you.

Tip: Surprise your customers with unexpected value. If you sell products, include an “unadvertised bonus” with every order. If you sell services, get into the habit of doing something extra for each customer or client without charging for it.

Let customers skills much you value them.

Let your customers know you’re always brooding about them. Communicate with them regularly. for instance , create some special deals only for your existing customers. And announce new products or services to them before you announce them to the overall market.

Tip: Convert your customers into publicity agents. Develop an incentive for them to inform associates and friends about the worth of your products or services. An endorsement from them is simpler than any amount of advertising – and it’s less expensive .

For example, reward them whenever they refer someone who becomes a customer. Your reward are often as simple as a credit toward their next order from you.

You are within the business of satisfying customers no matter what products or services you provide. The satisfied customers you create will assist you build your business by becoming repeat buyers and by referring new business to you from their friends and associates.

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