Customer Service Tip: You Never Know Who You Serve


You Never Know Who You’re Serving when customers turn irate.

I think of myself as an inexpensive person. It takes tons to upset me, but upset i’m .

A number of years ago, I bought a replacement television receiver . I had seen a flyer from Lechmere’s that had TV’s on sale. I called, got through the voice mail menu and asked the salesperson who answered, if the actual model advertised was available.

No, it wasn’t but another, equally nearly as good was at only $20 more.

visited the shop and examined variety of TV’s. A knowledgeable, helpful salesman approached and patiently answered my questions. Finally, I made my choice and purchased it. I asked if they might hold it on behalf of me while I did some further shopping and was told that in fact they might .

I was pleased with myself, with the shop and with the acquisition I’d made.

When I picked up the TV, it had been so big, the young man who brought it bent the car had to require it out of the box to urge it into my car.

My son brought it into the house on behalf of me and began to line it up when he asked, “Where’s the antenna?”

My first thought was, “Oh no, it had been left within the box.”

I called the shop to see . A girl answered and said she’d put me through to the acceptable department. The on-hold music blared uncomfortably. I held the phone faraway from my ear when suddenly I heard the dial tone! I’d been disconnected. I re-dialed, went through the voice mail menu again, got an equivalent girl who said she’d put me through to “George”. The loud music again irritated my ears as I waited and waited and waited for “George” to answer the phone. because the minutes ticked by, my irritation grew at a rapidly escalating rate. When he didn’t answer the phone, I hung up and re-dialed. Again, I got the voice mail menu (which I now had memorized), punched within the correct extension, got the ringing of the phone, interrupted with short bursts of loud music, followed by more ringing which alternated with the loud music in my ear over 12 times.

I was now an irate customer. In but 5 minutes I had been transformed from a really happy customer, into one among those crazy customers you dread chatting with . When the phone was finally answered, I set free on the poor, unsuspecting salesperson. I told him that I had been disconnect, placed on hold, ignored, gone practically deaf, and that i was now VERY angry. He placidly replied, “That’s because we’re busy, Ma’am. we’ve tons of consumers here today.”

“I don’t care!” I loudly proclaimed – my son, who had walked into the space at that moment, checked out me as if I had became a stranger ahead of his eyes. he’s unaccustomed to seeing me lose my temper.

“I am your customer and that i am not getting good service.” I then explained irately about my missing antenna. He asked me what size TV and that i told him 27″, he said that no 27″ TV comes with an antenna.

Of course this put me over the highest . I went from being an irate customer to the customer from hell. Why hadn’t I been told?

Furious, I made another trip to the shop and asked for the manager who cynically informed me that he was surprised to listen to a complaint about the TV department. The defensiveness of the manager was the last item I wanted to listen to while i used to be still during a state of anger.

He didn’t do anything to assuage my temper. He told me that everybody today had cable TV, therefore there is no got to include antennas. I told him that I for one do not have cable. I explained it’d be an honest idea to ask customers if that they had cable.

He then asked a salesman to seek out me an antenna. It seemed like two wires attached by a plastic tripod. I asked how effective this is able to be and was told that it wouldn’t be very effective but a “sound amplified” antenna would be what I needed.

Bottom line, I ended up paying for a $62.00 antenna.

No discount, no heartfelt apology, no plan to make me feel that i used to be a crucial customer. But, a bit like most customers that get but deserved service I got my revenge. Irate customers tell on the average , 10-20 people about the bad service they receive. I even have already told many audiences and now am sharing this in my newsletter.

began as an inexpensive customer, i might have cheerfully bought the antenna, but due to the chain of events, it brought out my evil twin. Not my most flattering nor most comfortable mode of behavior.

Contrast this incident to an experience I had, that Marty at the Hyatt Hotel in Austin, TX handled.

During a stay therein hotel, i used to be woken up through out my first night’s stay by an intermittent whooshing noise i could not identify. once I got up subsequent morning and walked into the rest room the toilet greet me with an equivalent noise that had annoyed me all night.

I called the front desk who sent an engineer to the space . In explaining things and the way it had woken me during the night, Marty, the engineer, gave me a pass to the restaurant and told me that breakfast was on him. He said, “No one should be woken during the night by a noise.”

I have to mention that his response was surprising to me. at the most hotels I occupy the engineer would need to get permission to offer away a meal.

His service attitude made my occupy the Hyatt memorable.

P.S. I told everyone else attending at the meeting and now over 1,500 more through my newsletter and since I’m posting this on the online what percentage more will read it? Remember: You never know who you’re serving.

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