Customer Service: What Do Customers Want?


Every customer looks for 3 special benefits once they do
business with you. they’ll not specifically invite these
benefits. But you’re losing sales if you do not automatically
provide all 3.

1. Fast Results

Prospective customers may take an extended time deciding whether
or not they’re going to buy from you. But once they plan to buy,
they expect instant results. When people buy a car they need
to drive it home today. once they check in with a health spa
they expect to seem and feel better by the top of the week.

Look for ways you’ll reduce the time your customers need to
wait after a transaction before they will start enjoying the
results of their decision to shop for attempt to deliver your
product at the purpose of sale. When that’s impossible , look
for creative ways to supply a benefit your customer can
start enjoying immediately.

For example, a publisher i do know recently created a special
package combination of his latest “how-to” book in print and
several eBooks on an equivalent subject. When customers order his
new book, they will immediately download the eBooks on their
computer. they do not need to await the hard-cover book to
arrive before they will start enjoying the benefit they paid

2. Easy Procedures

Customers want products that are easy to use and services
that produce results without disturbing their daily routine.
You can increase your sales by stressing the “easy to use”
characteristics of your product or service altogether your
promotions. Convenience and simple use are often more
important to customers than price.

Simplify your buying procedure too. Make it easier for
customers to shop for from you and you’ll get more sales.

For example, many internet buyers are impatient and won’t
tolerate a lengthy ordering process. Minimize the amount of
times your customer has got to click to a different screen when
ordering online. Use an easy form rather than a
shopping cart if you simply offer 1 or 2 items. and do not ask
them to offer you more information than you would like to process
their order.

3. Personal Attention

Every prospect and customer wants personal attention. One
way you’ll provide it’s by giving them a chance to
ask questions.

Only interested prospects will take the time to ask
questions. Many will buy from you if they get valuable
information from your answer. you’ll often include a
promotion for your product or service as a part of your

Answering questions isn’t time consuming. The same
questions are going to be repeated over and once again . But you simply
have to answer each question once if you save your answer to
a permanent file. Copy it into your reply whenever you get
that same question again …and revise it slightly to
personalize your response. you’ll answer questions quickly
and your prospects will appreciate your personal attention.

Tip: If you discover yourself personally answering tons of
questions, add a Questions and Answers page to your web
site. Post the answers to your most often asked
questions. it’ll reduce the amount of questions you’ve got
to answer individually. But remember, it also deprives you
of a chance to impress prospects together with your personal

Every customer wants fast results, easy procedures and
personal attention. Most won’t invite these benefits. But
they won’t buy from you unless they get them. confirm you
provide all 3 of those special benefits …and look for tactics
to improve the standard of every . Then watch how quickly your
sales increase.

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