Don’t Be Afraid of Silence in Negotiations


In any conversation with two or more people, there’s a bent to require to speak all the time to fill any awkward silences or gaps that appear during a conversation.

However, if you think that of the conversations that you simply have together with your closest friends or family, you’ll notice that there’s not an equivalent got to fill these gaps, as silences between you’re comfortable. this is often generally because you recognize the opposite person and therefore the sort of character that they’re .

Now, if we modify this scenario to the sales process you’ll see that it’s a totally different feeling to the one above. Suddenly silence is your worst enemy, the one thing to be avoided during negotiations, the realisation that you simply are losing the sale.

Well actually, that last statement is totally wrong!

Because an individual doesn’t say an excessive amount of during negotiations doesn’t mean that you simply are losing the sale. Yes, silence are often awkward to some but to those of you who want to win, silence are often your ally .

During the negotiations, you’ll ask your customer variety of open questions which is completely the proper thing to try to to . However once you’ve got asked the question, don’t fill the space! Resist the temptation to place words into their mouth.

In other words:

“Ask your open question then say absolutely nothing until they need replied”

No matter how awkward it becomes or how uncomfortable it’s going to seem, leave your customer to reply. If it takes 5 minutes then so be it. they need to be allowed to reply in their own time with none help from you.

The reason i’m pushing now is that customers (and people in general) don’t like silence. They particularly don’t like long silences and that they feel that they need to fill the space up with words. Before you recognize it they need committed to all or any kinds of things.

So, do not be scared of the silence and let your customers talk their way into your sale.

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