Effective Safety Training for Employees


Employers nationwide who are hiring a growing number of Hispanic workers are demanding bilingual job safety and health training materials. Your responsibility as an employer is to supply employers with tools to supply effective occupational safety and health training to Hispanic workers.

Training Hispanic speaking workers often happens like this:

o The trainer, usually a native English speaker without bilingual skills, grabs a native Spanish speaker with some English skills from the group of workers, and uses this person as an interpreter.

o The training begins with the trainer speaking through the interpreter.

o At a while during the training session, the trainer asks the trainees if there are any questions.

o The trainees rarely have any questions.

o The training ends with the trainer asking the trainees if they understood


o The trainees nod their heads during a “yes” motion, indicating they understood everything.

They didn’t.

Effective job safety training starts by creating discussions between people of various cultures.

Follow these steps:

1. Form an efficient training team.

2. Communicate the company’s belief that worker safety is vital .

3. Initiate worker participation.

4. Conduct safety training.

Other Important Things To Consider:

Make sure the team that’s formed is effective. think about using the foremost outspoken or workers who are recognized because the leaders and check out to urge their support. confirm each team understands your sincerity once you say that “safety is vital .” confirm there are members of the team that are intimate the work and training to be done.

Try to confirm there’s a minimum of one person within the safety training course who can assist in interpreting. the simplest way is to ask, “Who speaks the simplest English?”

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