Hazards and Risks – Is Your Company Accident Prone?


Hazards and risks aren’t an equivalent thing, and that they aren’t defined an equivalent within the business world. Risk is really a statistical probability of accidents and hazards which can cause harm, damage, or injury. Hazards on the opposite hand are events, which can have occurred, may occur within the future, or are often eliminated. Risks can never 100% be eliminated, and at some point there’s the difficulty of diminishing returns, pouring extra money into safety procedures and equipment to the purpose that your productivity suffers greatly is feasible .

When it involves risk and reward scenarios and safety there are ethical, moral, and financial aspects which play call at the discussion. the truth is you want to reduce the danger , but you want to also understand that there comes some extent once you cannot eliminate it completely. In fact, sometimes the sole thanks to completely eliminate risk would be to pack up your factory, close your business, or cease and desist operations.

Of course there’s another aspect to the present also , if you violate OSHA standards, have an enormous lawsuit, or violate the principles and regulations of your industry you would possibly end up either bankrupt or holding a cease-and-desist letter with huge fines. this is often why risk management on the factory floor is all about risk reduction, and reducing the prices related to accidents. After all, if you’ll prevent an accident you’ve got saved yourself all the effort and costs which that accident would have placed upon your business.

Safety first therefore takes on a double meaning. First, safety is most vital for the human component of your company. Secondly, by reducing the risks and increasing safety you’ll economize over time on your bottom line with cheaper insurance rates for operations, lower health care costs, and more productivity from the workforce knowing that they’re safe. So, look to scale back costs first by making your work environment safer. Indeed, hope to please consider all this.

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