How To Advertise: Hit Them With Benefits


It makes no difference what media you employ to
advertise, the principles are an equivalent . Benefits,
benefits, benefits.

Advertise benefits and your advertising are going to be a
success. Take a poll, they do not care about car
dealers, banks or tire stores. All they care about
is “What’s in it for me?”.

The fact that your dealership has been favorite
in the mid-region for 3 straight years isn’t
advertising – it’s bragging!

Explain what you’ve got finished others. Tell what
you can do for them. Remember the rule – it’s
always about them – not about you! check out the
advertising around you. Egads! Most of it’s
about the advertiser. Especially that 20 foot
mug shot of the dealer on the billboard.

Think benefits and you’ve got a leg abreast of
advertising that works, instead of advertising
that gets the neighbors to mention “Hey, I saw you on
the billboard”, or “..saw your picture within the
paper again.” Trust me, strangers won’t mention
your picture. which giant billboard pic won’t
bring a sole through the door or get them to shop for
your product.

The reason you see such a lot bad advertising is that
“ego” sells and therefore the newspapers and billboard
people realize it . You even hear people that can’t
read stumbling through their own radio
commercials. Three friends mention it and that they
think the advertising was a hit and check in
for more.

You don’t need an image of your building, you
need an outline of what’s inside and what it
can do on behalf of me . Don’t tell me you’ve got the most important
selection, or latest styles and colours . Tell me if
you don’t have it available you’ll catch on
overnight. Don’t tell me you’ve got 20 years’
experience. Tell me you’ll show abreast of time, smell
good and fix my toilet, or i do not pay.

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