How to Avoid and Manage Risk


Only a couple of years ago my approach to business was considerably along the lines of risk avoidance. I didn’t want to require risk, not in the least .
In the previous couple of years I even have spent longer than ever with risk takers. Talking and meeting with these people has been, and continues to be, extremely stimulating. Through conversations I realised that, despite my previous perceptions, there was an oz of entrepreneurship within me. In fact, not an oz but a seed and like all seeds it needed nurturing to grow. I even have been focussing on this ever since and channelling my energy and time toward this.
One key skill that I realised I even have is that of risk management. Through avoiding risk for therefore long I even have an excellent eye for identifying risks within the first place. what’s different now’s that i would like to require risks.
Risk is stimulating and challenging. It breeds uncertainty which takes us back to challenges again. I see more and more that;
[a] taking risk is an absolute necessity in today’s world. There are far too many of us out there competing with you. they’re not just in your geographic location, they’re global.
[b] taking risk can certainly reap rewards in much an equivalent way that gambling can. Few people though want to gamble.
[c] the role of the danger Manager are going to be key to all or any organisations from start-up to global. it isn’t the normal risk manager role though. this is often about the literal translation – managing risk. To be explicit, it means you would like to require risks and mitigate them where possible and monitor them closely where not.For me there are few better environments to figure in aside from this. Let’s take risks, let’s move fast, let’s rise up quickly once we fall and not wear an equivalent banana peel for a second time.We will all got to take risks within the future as we become more and more globalised. We’ll work with people we’ve not met before, in countries we’ve not been to. What i prefer immensely about this forthcoming change is how traditional project management and programme management – which I even have been involved certain years – goes to vary dramatically.
Management style will got to be much more innovative and artistic as an immediate results of your options for resourcing a project and delivering it become limitless. True project managers will got to have the elemental skill of team building (search and selection if you prefer) and collaboration. Online communities will prevail, communities of practice, project level communities, client level communities etc etc. I’m looking forward to working with Entrepreneurs and managing teams during this new environment greatly, not all will feel an equivalent way.

Who am I? Why prefer to work with me?

My background and knowledge is especially project management within diverse environments like large corporate financial institutions, medium-sized technology consultancies and smaller start-ups. Having held positions including Operations Director (COO) and Head of Process Management, I recently decided that the time is true to require a calculated risk and leave corporate life for good…the entrepreneurial side of my character is prevailing.

My focus is on becoming an “Un-natural Entrepreneur”. i would like to figure with people and corporations that have vision. I offers key values and skills to assist bring your ideas to fruition. If you’re a “starter”, then i’m your “finisher”. My approach to a challenge is to clarify, understand, problem-solve, develop and deliver.

To take a thought or concept through from its inception to its execution requires a consultative approach – a partnership. i’m a rational and pragmatic thinker and may work within an existing management structure, or create a replacement management team through my extensive network

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