How to be Productive using the 80/20 Rule



Most people have heard of the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts. That’s differently of claiming 80 percent of the items you are doing a day don’t really matter. tons of extremely smart people have scientifically and mathematically proven it is a pretty accurate assessment of reality.

So What?

Although this rule sounds simple, it’s one among the foremost powerful and overlooked time-savers and productivity enhancers available. it’s often overlooked because it’s very counterintuitive. As humans, we are hardwired to believe our results are adequate to our efforts. for instance , 50 percent of our results come from 50 percent of our efforts and 60 percent of our results come from 60 percent of our efforts, then on then forth.

Even when people intellectually understand the 80/20 rule, they often fail to translate it into changes within the way they behave on a day to day it’s easy to acknowledge when somebody else is dalliance and doing things that don’t matter; it’s not very easy to ascertain this in ourselves. People still complain about not having enough time to urge everything done and at an equivalent time totally ignore the 80/20 rule.

Now What?

Here’s a thought to undertake . If you’re employed a typical eight-hour day…and if you get 80 percent of your results from 20 percent of your efforts…why not get real focused for 96 minutes every day (20 percent of eight hours)? Get a timer and set it for 96 minutes. Focus, without interruptions, on your No. 1 priority for the day. do this as early within the day as possible, instead of getting caught up with e-mails, voice mails and other things that are prime candidates for the 80 percent that does not matter. Many of my clients and friends have tried this concept and told me it works amazingly well. Try it for one week and see how well it works for you.

Start your day with 96 minutes of concentrated work on your highest priority. Most days, these 96 minutes are going to be quite enough to call it a highly productive and successful day.

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