How to Build Customer Loyalty


Do you want to draw in new customers while building greater loyalty among your current customers? Include your customers in your marketing and promotions. By creating greater awareness of your customers (and their businesses) you’ll help to create their businesses and increase their demand for your products and services. Whether or not using customers in your marketing causes them to shop for more from you, your willingness to showcase them will cause them to feel more attachment to you and can encourage them to stay customers for an extended time to return . Here are a couple of ways you’ll make this work for you.

Ask your customers to share their success stories and obtain their permission to use them. How have they benefitted from their association with you? Have them share their stories on audio or video or in print and use them in your marketing. In their ads, Sterling Bank in Houston has their small business customers tell how they grew their businesses with the assistance of their Sterling bankers. It sends an excellent message about the bank, and increases awareness of the featured businesses.

Tell your customers’ stories in your newsletter. If you publish a print or online newsletter, include profiles of your customers and tell how you worked with them to assist them succeed. Or, use the stories in your print ads. a photograph of a cheerful customer amid the story of what you probably did for them is extremely persuasive.

Audio and video recordings of customer stories are often incorporated into your television and radio advertising. Hearing customers in their own words may be a powerful thanks to communicate the advantages of doing business with you, and your customers will appreciate the visibility they get once they are featured in your ads. you’ll also use streaming audio and video files at your internet site .

Feature links to your customers’ internet sites from yours. It doesn’t cost anything to feature a couple of links, and customers will appreciate the additional visibility. it’s going to also help improve the program rankings, not just for your customers’ internet sites except for yours also .

Make connections between customers. does one have customers who may benefit from knowing other customers? Perhaps you’ll make referrals to bring them together. Or, host a networking event where they will get to understand one another .

Include customers in your publicity. The media wish to have multiple sources for stories, perhaps to copy what you’re saying or to supply another point of view. In one case, i used to be ready to get a client included during a story and she or he was ready to get one among her clients into the story, too! Your clients won’t only appreciate that you simply got them publicity, they’re going to be impressed together with your media “pull.”

Promoting your customers also as yourself may be a great win-win for your business. search for opportunities to make a greater bond between yourself and your customers by including them in your marketing and promotions.

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