How to Choose the Right Retail Technology Partner


Would you ask an failure the way to become more successful? Or ask a lover with a run-down car what the simplest vehicle is on the market? i might think not.

So, it’s suffice to mention that you simply shouldn’t ask a fellow retailer who is battling their business technology where to urge software technology from. in additional cases than one, you will find they got software that did not suit their needs, and have a retail service provider who isn’t helping them succeed.

Having the proper technology is one thing. Having an honest retail technology partner who knows retail and backed by a superb support team is sort of another. These two things go hand-in-glove.

These service providers, or “Value-added Resellers” (VARS), are a key factor to helping a retailer boost efficiencies and increase profits. they’re going to help a retailer make the proper business decisions on technology and make sure that the technology they chose fits their business needs.

A retail technology partner should know retail, not just retail technology. When choosing a VAR, search for these key factors:

* Retail experts ready to consult you about your needs and who assist you with making the proper technology choice.

* Retail sales consultants who provide the simplest technology tools to assist you in running your business.

* Knowledgeable and highly experienced technical support staff.

* Support staff who are quick to reply and always available once you need them.

* Tailored support plans to urge the foremost out of the system.

* Technicians with the power to customize the system to suit your needs, handling everything from seamless installation and conversion to project management.

* Retail consultants that help train your employees on a replacement system and supply on-going training and education.

A home furnishing and gift store in Mesa, California turned to a VAR to assist them with their choice during a retail point of sale system. the shop Fleur De Lys partnered with One Step Data. the corporate installed Retail Pro® because the most suitable option for the shop and, since the installation, owners Shannon Ritter and Josephine Pfeiffer have maintained a proactive relationship with One Step Data. “We are always getting information regarding new products and system information,” says Ritter. “I certainly do not feel we’ve been abandoned since our purchase. It’s like having a company Help Desk or IT department.”

Having expert help makes an enormous difference for retailers. Who else can they address if they do not have knowledgeable experts who know retail?

“Technology is a crucial tool for business, especially for retailers,” says Scott Kreisberg, owner of 1 Step Data. “The market has exploded with literally thousands of companies offering different technology solutions. But not all companies are alike.”

Kreisberg’s company has been helping retailers with their business and point of sale systems for over 20 years. His confidence in his company having the ability to supply the proper solution to retailers comes from having the simplest products at their disposal, and over 20 years of experience and knowledge implementing technology in retail businesses.

“We became the central systema nervosum of our customers,” claims Kreisberg, “and are constantly performing on ways to assist them improve their store operations.”

Retailers should contact a VAR to satisfy with them personally and determine whether or not that reseller fully understands retail, not just retail technology. The VAR should be ready to find an answer that matches with the way the retailer does business and work with them every step of the thanks to help them achieve their goals.

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