How to Create a Powerful Brand for Your Business


The name of your business is important–it’s one among the primary things potential customers realize it. And having unique names for every of your products and services are often a strong selling tool. a method to form yourself and your business attractive is to possess something exclusive and enticing, promising benefits. Good names for your business, products and services can do this . Good names marketplace for you.

Do you have a tough time arising with names? Perhaps you called your business ABC Enterprises, because you only couldn’t consider anything . What does that name say about you and what you do? Nothing. Nada. Zip. It doesn’t tell customers why they might want to try to to business with you, because they need no idea what it’s that you simply do, or who you are doing it for.

Here’s my favorite thanks to come up with a reputation . I call it “Idea Storming.” OK, I just did it to you. Marketing with a reputation , that is. “Idea Storming” may be a name I came up with to explain one among my services. Brainstorming has been done to death. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt from the seminar. Idea Storming puts a small twist thereon . You recognize the concept, but it’s a special name, and it ties to my Idea Lady identity. Not a spectacular example, but see how it works?

Anyway, I help my clients to Idea Storm, but here’s how you’ll roll in the hay on your own. Get a bit of paper and a pen. Write down every word or phrase you’ll consider to explain your business. What does one do? Who are your clients? What results does one get for them? What words would your clients use to explain what you do? How would they describe the sensation they got doing business with you? Why is your business better than others?

Once you’ve a pleasant , long list, keep going. Get out your thesaurus (or use the one in your word processor) to return up with words with meanings almost like what you wrote down. Scan books and magazine articles for words and phrases that get down the page at you. ask friends and associates, and obtain them to Idea Storm with you.

Now, take your list and begin combining the words and phrases. Take this word and add it thereto one. Use this phrase, but substitute that word. Take pieces of two words and make a fresh word.

I’ve used this method to return up with many names and titles over the previous couple of years. this is often how I created names like the thought Lady, Solo-preneuring, and lots of more.

Another great advantage of Idea Storming is that even the words and phrases you do not use in your name are often utilized in a slogan, on your business cards, in sales letters, in brochures and in other marketing materials.

This technique is straightforward . But it really works.

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