How to Create Your Own Entrepreneurial Dream Team


I hear it all the time. “What should I do about . . .?” As a business owner you’re faced with the daunting task of creating all the choices that affect your business. Should I remain a sole proprietor, become an LLC or is an S Corp better? Should I start using an electronic PDA or persist with my trusty, but out-dated, Day Runner? In what direction should I take my marketing? is that the color right this logo? PC or Mac? Paper or plastic? Aargh! Big decisions. Little decisions. It are often overwhelming, especially once you consider how each decision features a pertaining to the success of your business.

It are often difficult to form decisions for variety of reasons. Sometimes it is a matter of not having enough information. Other times, it’s simply a scarcity of confidence. If you are a very small business or solopreneur, likelihood is that you’re employed alone most of the time. The upside to your solitary is 2 fold. First, you hold all the facility and control to form the business your own. Second, the success or failure of your dream is squarely in your hands. Paradoxically, the very fact that it’s just you calling the shots is additionally the dreaded downside of the micropreneur lifestyle.

Agonizing over decisions or constantly second-guessing yourself may be a tremendous waste of energy. Energy you almost certainly can’t afford to spare. How does one know when you’ve spent too long on a decision? It’s hard to mention exactly, but if you catch yourself ruminating over you options longer than a few of days, be suspicious. Or, if it’s 2:00 a.m., and you’re awake questioning a course of action, there is a good chance you’ll be temporarily – if not permanently – decision-impaired.

When I occasionally find myself in only such a non-productive loop, I’m grateful once I finally remember to invite help. After a diligent, but debilitating drag through decision darkness, getting someone else’s input is that the radiant ray of sunlight that nurtures my soul. My world brightens. My heart lightens. and that i realize the sunshine at the top of the self-employment tunnel isn’t rattler close to make mince-meat of my professional future, but instead, may be a friendly, familiar, fellow professional wielding a torch to assist guide me home.

It’s also in those moments that I congratulate myself for having had the time and initiative to make an entrepreneur dream team for myself. this is often my personal and professional circle of friends, colleagues, cohorts and fellow entrepreneurs who’s advice, support and opinions are just a mere call , email message or short chase away .

Take my advice here. Create your own entrepreneur dream team. Would you rather have a well known and trusted advisor at your fingertips or thumb through the telephone book and pick someone you’ve never met and ignoramus about.

Building your dream team is straightforward . It’s simply a set of individuals you recognize and trust. to urge started, make an inventory of the professional services you’ve needed within the past or anticipate needing within the course of doing business. for instance , a lawyer and accountant are staple members of your team.

Next, believe all the possible people you’d trust to assist you solve a drag . Not only does one want these people to worry about you and your success, but you furthermore may want people that are often objective and act as a sounding board once you request it. believe different people for various categories of problems. for instance , someone who’s good with personal issues could be different than someone who’s good at helping you process systems questions.

Once you’ve made an inventory of your potential dream team members, contact each individual, and ask them to be a member of your team. For the professional candidates, like lawyers or accountants, make a meeting for an initial consultation. Introduce yourself, and establish the connection so once you got to access their services you’ll both be up to hurry and prepared to interact .

For the non-professional people on your list, invite them to participate on your team as an advisor. allow them to know what sort of support you’ll be needing from them, and if they’re willing to participate, determine the simplest thanks to access them when needed. do you have to just phone them, email them, drop in their home or meet at the local coffee shop? Bring intention to the connection , and set boundaries to support the success of the alliance. In my experience, people wish to be asked for support, guidance and opinions. It feels good to understand someone trusts and respects you adequate to invite help.

Finally, when you’ve chosen your team members and they’ve agreed to participate, compile an inventory with everyone’s contact information, and post it where it’s easily accessible. Make it easy to use your team. Let it pull you forward out of solopreneur solitude and into the brilliant , beautiful world of human connection and synergistic success. It sure beats losing sleep.

It’s YOUR life…live it completely!

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