How to Ensure Your Workplace Doesn’t Burn during Christmas Season


Whether you think of the normal office Christmas party excitedly or dread, Christmas work dos are an inevitable a part of office life. Cheap drinks, tacky decorations, dodgy disco tracks and watching various members of the team going to know one another a touch better are all a part of the fun at Christmas office parties. With the liquidity crisis fully swing this Christmas, businesses are going to be forced to chop back on their entertainment expenses. a method companies may prefer to keep the prices of the Christmas party down is by celebrating within the office instead of hiring out a venue. If you’re getting to host this years office party in your office block are you able to make certain that your office is clued up about Christmas fire safety?

While your staff are liable for the Christmas fire safety in their house you’ll be liable for their fire safety within the work place. So how are you able to confirm that your office fire safety is sweet enough which the sole thing burning up the floor are going to be the MDs dance moves?

Check out our office fire safety check list below…

Dodgy decorations.

Some offices may wish to get into the festive spirit by stringing a couple of lines of tinsel or some sparkly fairy lights across the office, especially at the Christmas party. If these are an equivalent decorations you’ve got been removing of the shop cupboard for the past 20 years then it’s time you checked them out. you would like to countercheck that your light wiring isn’t split and make sure they conform to a British Standard in safety. you ought to also check fuses and confirm that one or two members of staff take responsibility for switching the lights off at the top of every day and after the office party. confirm your staff use sense when it involves office decorations – check to make sure nobody has draped tinsel across the highest of computer monitors or hung bunting from the lights!

Overloaded sockets.

Office fire safety (and patience) are often tested to the limit at Christmas time with staff bringing in CD players, lights, singing Santas and just about any Christmas related device you’ll consider of these gadgets need electrical sockets and if your sockets are powering the standard PCs, printers and monitors, then adding of these electrical devices could overload sockets. confirm you invest in some extra extension sockets to hide the demand and confirm all switches are turned off at the top of the Christmas party.

Cigarettes and alcohol.

For some people these two go hand in hand at any celebration but after a tough year at the office, your team are going to be more inclined to let their hair down, especially if the company’s paying! All office buildings should be a smoke free port so confirm that even after a couple of drinks, your staff are aware that smoking inside wont be tolerated. Alcohol can make even seasoned drinkers absent minded to mention the smallest amount so if you notice anyone well on their thanks to becoming inebriated, ask one among their friends to seem out for them. Better still, have your office party within the early evening then people should start filtering out before anyone drinks an excessive amount of .

Office fire alarm.

Your office should be kitted out with a comprehensive fire alarm to stay your staff safe. Conventional fire systems are the entry level for many fire system requirements and are ideal for little offices. By having an office fire alarm and maintaining it correctly, you’ll know that if anything was to travel wrong, your staff are going to be alerted quickly and have time to exit the building safely.

Office fire safety.

Regardless of the time of year, your staff got to remember of the office fire safety drill and what to try to to just in case of an emergency. If you’re unsure of how effective your office fire safety plan is then contact your local fire service or health and safety body for more advice.

While you’re planning your Christmas party this year, take the time to follow the check list above so you and your staff can enjoy the festivities safely.

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