How to Get on Top of Press Releases


If a reporter was writing a story about you and your company and she or he visited your website, could she find anything useful and interesting about you to use in her story? and will she find it quickly? Or would she immediately abandon your site and appearance for one among your competitors to write down about?

Make it Easy for the Reporter
Every website today should have a “Media Room” (also referred to as a web press room) with everything a reporter must write a story quickly. Not only do you have to include information about your company history, the management team and owners, your products and services, and so on, but today you ought to also provide links to industry trade groups, information about industry trends, and perhaps even an inventory of your competitors.

Why would you include your competitors, you ask?

Because a bit like you, a reporter is extremely busy and sometimes overwhelmed. If you were the reporter and you visited an internet site that handed you the right story and every one the sources to write down an objective article about widgets (which just happened to be something your publication’s readers, and more importantly your boss, would like to read), wouldn’t you be thrilled? in fact you’d then would I.

Besides, whenever an opportunity searches for your competitors’ products and services, your website will come up within the search, too. Maybe the prospect will click on your website link rather than your competitor’s.

The Top 20
So let’s consider what you ought to include in your new website Media Room. Here’s an inventory to urge you started; each of those would be a separate “sublink” within your Media Room:

Owners and management team bios (one short and one long bio for every person)
Photos: downloadable, scalable, in 300 dpi (suitable for print publications) and 72 dpi (for online outlets), named/labeled, one for every member of the management team and any products you promote
Company description and history, including dates, facts and sales figures (or percentage of growth by year)
A list of products or services and brief descriptions of every one
Customer demographics
List and outline of any awards you or your company have won
List of story ideas with 4 to six talking points for every one
Audio and video clips with sound bytes about important issues
List of media experience for key company players
Issues and opinions page, including position papers, articles you’ve got written, White Papers, links to industry resources for each side of the opinions (all opening during a new browser window, of course)
Statements or quotes by key personnel regarding your business philosophy, hot industry topics, or comments about community issues.
Industry trends and news
Calendar of relevant trade shows and industry events
List of your key competitors and links to outside sites which will contain opposing or maybe negative views (opening in new browser windows, of course!)
Company and merchandise news (with all of your releases listed/summarized and linking to the complete story)
In the News section (links to actual published articles, opening in new browser windows)
Contact information for key company players: day, night, telephone , pager, fax, email (make it easy for the reporter to urge in-tuned with you!)
Email alert service to notify reporters of stories
Forms for reporters to order videos, photos, samples
Ability to look the location for information, keywords, topics, etc.
And don’t forget to place a clear link to your Media Room, right your home page … and each page. don’t be concerned if you cannot do all of this immediately. Just keep chipping away at it, and shortly you will have a terrific Media Room. Then watch how your publicity grows.

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