How To Inspect Your Own Business’ Customer Service Anonymously


What do your customers experience once they interact together with your business? As a mystery shopper, I help businesses see themselves through the eyes of their customers by posing as a typical customer and evaluating their service, quality and cleanliness. Was it easy to seek out what I needed? Were the workers polite and helpful? Was everything neat and clean? Was I thanked for my business? What happened once I made a return?

Whether your business is a world retailer or alittle one-person shop, what you do not realize your customers’ perceptions of your quality and repair can hurt you. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and test your business. counting on the characteristics of your business, you’ll conduct the evaluation of your business yourself, enlist the assistance of a couple of friends, or hire a mystery shopping company to implement a proper , ongoing program. you would possibly be surprised (pleasantly or not) by what you learn.

Call your office. How long does it fancy get an answer? Is there knowledgeable greeting? What does one hear once you are placed on hold? undergo the voice menus. Are any of them dead ends? How long does it fancy get to a person’s , or a minimum of an area where you’ll leave a message?

Call your order line and place an order. How long does it fancy get the item? Was it packaged well and did it arrive safely? What else was within the package (e.g., a catalog, many thanks note, extra gift)? Inquire about returning an item. is that the service you receive nearly as good as that you simply got once you ordered? Does the customer service person attempt to save the sale by offering alternatives to satisfy your needs?

Walk through your retail location. Is merchandise attractively presented? Is everything clearly priced? Are the aisles clear so you’ll walk comfortably? Can a handcart fit? is that the toilet clean and stocked supplies?

Go to your internet site and place an order. Does your site load quickly? Is it easy to seek out specific products? Does the form work? What communication does a customer receive once they place an order (e.g., an email confirmation)? Submit an issue via email and see what response you receive. Are the links on your internet site (internal and external) working?
You also want to understand if proper sales techniques are being followed. Although a customer will never complain because your staff didn’t plan to upsell them, your bottom line can suffer when this important step is missed. Plus, helping customers get everything they have in one stop can increase their satisfaction and loyalty. Are sales people recommending additional products and telling customers about optional services, like a maintenance agreement? If they’re not, your business is losing revenue and profit.

When you see yourself as your customers do, you’ll identify problems which will be costing you sales. Make it easy to try to to business with you and watch your profits increase!

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