How to Manage Workplace Conflict


Workplace Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable a part of professional life and not all conflict is negative. most of the people would agree that where there are people there’s conflict.

Some workplace conflict is healthy and if viewed positively are often a chance and catharsis for you and your business to effect positive change! It’s all how you think that about it.

However where unhealthy conflict raises its head repeatedly this has potential risk to cause your business negative consequences. These negative consequences can have far reaching effects and added costs to your bottom line if not nipped within the bud quickly.

Common causes of workplace conflict may include

o Poor communications

o Mushroom effect – nobody knows what’s happening around here

o Unrealistic work expectations

o Overwork

o Stress

o Personality clashes (a lack of ability to urge on or want to urge one with people different from you)

o Favouritism

o Poor leadership

Communication is that the glue that holds relationships together in your business. Your employees want to feel valued and know that you simply have an interest in them. Poor communication is that the favorite topic raised by employees in questionnaires conducted within the workplace.

Negative stress has the facility to cripple your business! Sometimes as a business owner you’ll allow referred stress (our personal stress) to be transferred unwittingly on your employees. this is often likely to steer to your business experiencing the negative consequences of friction, decreased morale and potentially employees may undermine your business.

Personality clashes are often where one person at the workplace has an inability to urge along another colleague or just doesn’t want to! There are many reasons for this however it’s imperative that you simply hire the one that has the proper cultural fit your business.

In Australia as is common in many countries where their is Occupational Health and Safety legislation, the law places a legal obligation (something you want to do) on employers to supply a healthy and safe workplace.

You can be found vicariously responsible for the actions of your employees if you’ve got been found to not have complied together with your obligations.

What can your business do?
You can be proactive and manage workplace conflict by

o Inducting Employees into the workplace

o Implement a Grievance Policy and Procedure

o Regular employee communications

o If you sniff trouble act!

o Take advice

o Consider mediation

don’t procrastinate

Your business could also be experiencing workplace conflict but there are practical and positive solutions available to your business. you’re not alone! By way of example Biz Momentum ( assisted variety of companies who faced potential ruin due to employee conflict and today those self same businesses are thriving.

Your business can move through difficult phases and thrive – its all how you see conflct and the way soon you’re taking action.

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