How to Prevent Workplace Accidents? Use Safety Posters!


You have heard of Hazcom, Hazchem and Hazmat in safety. Now we’ve Haztoon. That’s right. Cartoons deliver safety messages with impact.

It is very challenging to speak safety during a work environment. Accidents aren’t cheap. In fact, they will be very, very expensive! believe insurance claims, loss days, production loss, reports, manpower disruptions, morale…

The root of the matter is people. it isn’t easy to urge people to follow safety rules.

The personal protective equipment that companies provide is practically useless if workers aren’t using them. Safety guidelines are useless once they aren’t followed. The keyword is willingness. A willingness by the workers to watch good safety practices when nobody supervises.

Somehow, people got to catch on into their subconscious to require to follow safety rules and regulations. it’s an uphill task for the security practitioner – the way to drive the message through.

Researchers have found that folks remember 50% more in what they see than in what they hear. Visuals get people’s attention. the various images on billboards, magazines, newspapers or maybe on the web are testimonies that advertising visuals are so effective.

Humor effectively drives some extent . Accident situations can’t be photographed. Only stuntmen are crazy enough to perform risky activities which will potentially end in accidents.

Cartoons can effectively illustrate dangerous situations which may be near impossible to capture on film.

The successful safety poster first captures people’s attention with the graphics and therefore the color. Next, it lets them enjoy the pictures to relax their mood. Finally, it presents the security message for the finale.

If done well, people will remember the messages in safety posters for a really while . When people are exposed sufficiently over an extended period of your time , the messages sink into their subconscious . It becomes habit to them.

This fact has been utilized in advertisement and propaganda – all for one purpose – to influence people’s opinion or buying behavior. Cartoon posters do influence people’s behavior. It’s fun too.

The challenge is to seek out such posters that are both cheap and good. the simplest answer is that the diy approach – print them yourself. an honest computer color printer is all that’s ever needed.

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