How to Work Safely with Chainsaws


Did you recognize that quite 30,000 people are injured annually while employing a chainsaw? And, that figure is within the us alone. Since worldwide numbers aren’t readily available we will see that the particular number is far higher. For this reason, particularly if you’re an employer whose employees use a chainsaw regularly, safety training is an absolute must. By providing proper training for those affected employees, you’ll reduce your on the work injuries, reduce your workers’ compensation insurance costs, and have a way cleaner safety record.

First and foremost, make sure that any new employees that are hired are trained on the right use of the chain saw before they use it. no matter the workers experience level, it’s your job that any new hire is trained before being allowed to use this dangerous tool. Why? a minimum of two reasons: 1) it’s an OSHA requirement that each one new employees be trained before they enter a hazardous workplace, and 2) you took the time to seek out , hire, and retain this new employee and you do not want to possess to start out once again is that this selfish on behalf of you the employer? Absolutely.

Much of your chainsaw safety training must revolve round the use of the right personal protective equipment or PPE. Much time should be spent discussing the utilization of hard hats, proper hand protection like gloves, eye protection within the sort of safety glasses, and hearing protection like ear plugs. Proper training on PPE will go an extended thanks to make sure that your employees who use a chainsaw on the worksite will remain safe while on the work .

Finally, confirm that your employees are trained on the right process of starting the chainsaw. Although this sounds overly simple, many accidents occur by employees doing an “air drop” technique to start out the saw. this is often where the operator holds the beginning ing cord with one hand and drops the saw forcing the start of the tool by gravity. Many employees think this is often the “cool” thanks to start a chainsaw and lots of an operator have lost their hands while attempting this. there’s just one proper thanks to start a chainsaw which is with the tool in complete control in the least times. Your employee’s should know that safety is vital at your company which any violations might end in discipline or termination.

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