How To Write Successful Marketing Campaigns


You could find yourself with poor results when designing an immediate mail campaign that mixes your inhouse list with one or more rented lists. Merging lists generates a group of conditions that you simply might not have considered at the conception stage. it’s better to face the challenges before finalizing your design and strategy to avoid eleventh hour alterations that so often occur. Once you identify your strategy, we strongly suggest you rent your lists early and work closely with the personnel handling your processing .

Preview the lists before agreeing to rent.

Before renting lists, ask to ascertain a sample of the output, not the sector layouts, but actual samples of knowledge await the following:

o Field names. A field called “Title” doesn’t contain an equivalent information as “Position”. make sure the list contains the proper level for contact.

o Field content. Confirm you’ll capture all the knowledge you would like . The copy you create has got to blend with the info for the audience and personalization

sort of data entry. Some lists may cause you grief (first name and surname within the same field, city and province within the same field, initials only within the given name field, missing name segments). Good processing can repair most of those problems, but there’ll be records that can’t be amended which will deduct from the success of your campaign.

consult the personnel handling your processing and ask them how they will work with the info to get variables and personalization.

search for quality of input. Abbreviations in titles or company names make extra work for the info department.

Rent more names than you would like
You will have duplicates when all of your lists are merged and counting on your sources you’ll find up to a 3rd of your names being duplicates.

Run merge, purge and address correction early to work out your valid mailing quantity. this may avoid a final minute scramble to urge more names and/or establish the proper number to print.

Code each file before merging
After doing a replica check, the code will enable you to trace responses also as determine the rental source to urge a refund on unused records.

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