Marketing Strategies: People Do Business With People They Like


People do business with people they know and like!

In my networking classes I even have been saying this for 6 years. Can’t say i used to be the originator of it, yet it appears people are catching on. Finally, people are pertaining to this statement in casual conversation once they are talking about marketing.

Just this morning the news reported there are 400,000 complaints registered by people that had received unsolicited calls albeit that they had registered on the “No Call List. When checking, i could not discover what percentage people have signed abreast of the “No Call List,” yet the amount is within the millions. it’s apparent; people don’t want to urge sales calls at their home or business.

Signing abreast of the web site the minute it had been launched was a priority on behalf of me . Yet, within the last fortnight I even have received calls from local businesses. I even have to mention now i’m even more frustrated with them. They didn’t follow the rules of the new law and that they bothered me.


While i’m at it, does anyone know who came up with the truly “dumb” name cold calls? First of all, i’m an individual who hates to be cold. Then someone labeled a phone connection as a chilly call—How Cold!

Once when being trained as a sales person, i used to be told I had to form 100 Cold Calls each day and, of course, track them. At the time, i assumed it had been an ineffective thanks to connect with people. Yet, being the new salesperson and eager to please, I spent my day penned up during a small office “trying” to attach with people in order that they would buy sales training. Notice I used the word “trying.” Either i used to be a complete loser, or the system truly was inefficient. I remember just one significant customer I got through that process and that i had spent hours and hours on the phone. Of course, if you would like to find out thanks to |a way to”> the way to handle being told “No” and the way to handle it with real grace that’s the right way to roll in the hay . Many organizations still start their sales people out on the phones and provides them an equivalent assignment – 100 calls each day . My belief is that they are missing really connecting with people.


This is easy for instance through something that happened to me. I visited a networking event at 7:00 a.m. within the morning. a lady came up to me, shook my hand and introduced herself and said “What does one deem your health?” That’s right, it had been 7:00 a.m., I hadn’t had my coffee yet and a complete stranger is asking me “What does one deem your health?” i used to be so shocked I didn’t even have reply. This happened three years ago and that i commit it to memory as clearly because it happened this morning.

There is no way i’m getting to start talking about my personal diet etc. with someone I had just met two seconds ago. Yet, for a few reason people feel they need to travel out and sell their product. People buy things from people they know and like!


While it’s going to appear to be the slow way, it’s the foremost effective. Remember the Hare and therefore the Tortoise—Who came out the winner?

I am curious about learning new things and understand that folks are interesting and have much to show me if I take the time to concentrate i’m urging those of you in business to require a replacement approach to your marketing efforts. Yes, i do know the times are frantic with work and issues to unravel . Yet, taking a outing to possess coffee with an individual you met at event can reap huge rewards.

1. It’s Relaxing. Stopping to possess a cup of coffee with someone at the local cafe changes the pace in your day. Trust me, you’ll come to the office with a replacement outlook.

2. You Learn. Didn’t quite understand what Louise does at the XYZ Company? Bet you’ll once you are through with the meeting. Plus, you’ll know more about Louise and Louise will understand more clearly what you are doing .

3. you’ve got a replacement Contact. Maybe you cannot use Louise’s services, yet you’ll be amazed how quickly someone crosses your path that would use her services. You refer her to your friend: your friend wins, Louise wins and you’re doing because you are known for sharing great information.

4. Louise liked you – She sends you a Referral. it’s going to not be immediate, maybe even a year, yet it’ll happen once you least expect it.


Personal connections are even more important as we still rely more and more on technology. devour that contact card on your desk that was given to you by an individual you met at a recent event and provides them a call. Listen how pleased the person is at the opposite side of the phone. you’ll be delighted with what you hear and subsequently learn.

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