Negotiating Skills: Always Ask For More That What You Expect


It creates some negotiating room, and you would possibly just get what you’re posing for .

Whether playing the role of buyer or seller during a sales transaction, posing for quite you expect to urge may be a classic opening position in negotiations.

In the audio book, “Sound Advice on Negotiating Skills,” author Roger Dawson says, “Henry Kissinger called this the key to success at the bargaining table.” It’s simple, notes Dawson, but there are many profound reasons for doing it.

“It creates some negotiating room that creates it easier to urge what you actually want,” says Dawson. “It creates a climate where the opposite person can have a win with you.” This climate can prevent negotiating deadlocks, especially when handling an egotistical negotiator, consistent with Dawson.

“When you’re selling, it raises the perceived value of your product or service,” says Dawson. However, some salespeople are so wanting to reach agreement that they soften their opening negotiating position. “They hope that by doing this the client will appreciate how generous they have been ,” says Dawson. “The danger during this is that the client may instead think, ‘If they’ve given us this much, we will get tons more; let’s be tough negotiators.'”

The solution, says Dawson – a renowned speaker and author of the book, “Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople” – is to “ask for quite you expect to urge , but imply some flexibility in order that you’ll encourage them to barter with you.”

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