Negotiations: How To Be Right Without Making Other People Wrong


What exactly are we trying to accomplish by proving to others that we’re right? we’d win the argument but ultimately lose the connection . Perhaps a far better , deeper-rooted question is this: Why can we lose sight of success, of our big objective, once we feel challenged or intimidated?

When I prepare to barter , provide a service or turn my employees’ talent into performance, i do know at heart that if I make people feel valuable they’re going to see my input as having value. But therein moment once they are just hands-down, across-the-board dead wrong, I sometimes can’t stop myself from letting them skills incredibly wrong they’re . When that happens, my ability to influence them vaporizes on the spot, and i am left handling the response I created by making them wrong.

I think this is often the foremost consistently counterproductive thing we neutralize business and, I suspect, in our personal lives too. it’s going to be the inspiration of communication breakdown. Maybe this behavior is so prevalent because it’s a part of attribute . Could we be natural born jerks? (Jerkdom – nature or nurture?) If so, how can we overcome the urge to prove our point at the expense of our business or relationship?

Wynn Solutions studied thousands of top communicators and saw a standard behavior among them: the practice of not making people wrong. We decided to seek out out how they did it.

We discovered that these top communicators lowered their expectations of other people’s behavior before meeting with them face to face. It appeared to reduce the tendency to overreact within the heat of the instant . Also, they walked within the door with an agenda of not making the opposite person wrong and of trying to find areas where the opposite person’s knowledge was strong. So when that moment came – when people made their limited knowledge obvious – top communicators weren’t so able to pounce.

This approach may sound a touch condescending to some, but it sure beats handling communication issues you create for yourself by having to prove you are the smartest person within the room. It allows you to be right without making others feel wrong.

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