Risk Management: Safety and Design


The procedures and processes in your business must be efficient, and you ought to have methods of operation which take into consideration risk management. once you are designing these processes safety are some things which can not necessarily be a serious consideration for you, but it definitely should be. There are all kinds of OSHA standards, and that i don’t recommend that you simply break any – however, sometimes OSHA standards in certain circumstances can create unsafe situations.

The reality is that you simply got to keep your business model and processes within the boundaries of OSHA law to stop lawsuits, and regulatory fines. Nevertheless, let me inform you one case study and example, something in my very own company before retirement which always bothered me. We used pressure washers and steam cleaners to wash fleets of vehicles under contract.

We would wash Rent-A-Cars, company fleets, school buses, post office jeeps, patrol cars, car sales lots, and trucks for trucking companies. once you use a pressure washer over 2500 PSI you’re alleged to use an extended wand with a 15-degree or greater tip on the top this enables the water to spray call at a lover so you do not cut your finger off. that creates sense right? Sure it does.

However, we found that always times bus yards had school buses parked thanks to approximate . In doing this you’ll not clean them with an extended wand and maneuver between the buses. And if you tried often the wand would catch on this side of the bus, and it might jab the gun into your body. Not good. Especially when it had been cold out with ice, or when there was diesel oil that had leaked on the bottom .

That is an accident waiting to happen. Therefore, it made sense to maneuver the buses bent a neighborhood where they might be cleaned. in fact trying to urge in between buses, and open the door of the engine compartment to start out them up, and bleed the system, could have the door returning and sandwiching your head, while you were on slippery ground. We chose the lesser of two evils and shortened the gun wand length for safety. By doing this we never had another accident. i think this is often an honest case study in risk management. albeit we technically violated OSHA rules, safety first I say. Think thereon .

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