The Best Early Marketing Tool: Postcards


The postcard are often a really powerful marketing tool. Many of our customers and/or students use them in their business. The key’s to line up the cardboard to plug effectively for you. consider a selected item or niche.

When used correctly a post card can become very powerful marketing tool. make certain the front of your card is explicit. It should be clear to your customer what you’re selling. A color postcard may be a must, unless you’re using black and white to your advantage, that is, to form some extent .

The front should motivate your customer to show it around and see what you’re offering or what you’ll do for them.

The back of your card should make your points during a clear and concise manner. After this is often done make certain to offer your customer variety of the way to contact you: by phone, by email, by mail . If you’ve got an internet site make certain you mention it here.

Remember you would like to require a limited amount of space and address the most concerns that your customers have or to delineate what you’re selling and its advantages. Give your customers reasons to contact you. for instance you’ve got an answer to their problems, and remember make it easy for them to contact you.

Address their concerns instead of tooting your own horn, you’ll do this in your follow-up. Your postcard isn’t the place to debate you, but what you’ve got to supply to your customer, or how you’ll help your customer. you would like to possess a singular point (USP).

You can expand the limited amount of space on post cards by using certain fonts and typefaces. Just make certain that they’re readable to everyone. Remember, people over 40 start having a tough time seeing all that tiny print.

So start making post cards a neighborhood of your marketing campaign. you’ll also use them to announce a seminar, extend a call for participation to your new website, make an announcement (new product, new store location), etc. i’m sure if you brainstorm you’ll consider a myriad of the way you’ll use postcards.

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