Your Rights for A Safe Workspace


In Victoria, Australia, you’ve got the proper to a healthy and safe workplace. As far as is fairly practicable, your employer must protect you from harm (including psychological harm) which essentially means they need to do what an inexpensive person would do to guard the health and safety of employees.

If they do not , they face the complete impact of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 which features a clear objective of preventing illness at work and saving lives.

And it isn’t just employees. Employers are required to increase their obligations (those that apply to matters your employer can or should control) to independent contractors and their employees, and therefore the employees of labour hire firms which will be working inside your workplace.

Here are a number of the items your employer must do:

Ensure that machinery and equipment and therefore the systems of labor (such because the way work is performed, training and procedures) are safe and don’t create adverse health impacts.
Put in situ arrangements that protect you from harm or risk related to equipment or exposure to substances (such as dust)
Maintain a secure condition within the workplace (which includes such elements as controlling noise and ensuring clear passageways and exits)
Provide adequate and appropriate facilities (such as hygienic bathrooms, meal areas then on)
Provide training and knowledge so you’ll work safely.
Monitor the health of employees and therefore the conditions of the workplace.
Provide information about health and safety in languages aside from English if required.
Keep health and safety records of employees.
Employ or contract someone who is qualified in OHS to advise on employees’ health and safety.

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