The Value of Workplace Safety


What the word VALUE mean? If we are saying that Safety may be a Value, what does this mean? The dictionary defines VALUE as a principle, standard or quality considered worthwhile or desirable, a family value. The dictionary defines a priority as a precedence established by order of importance or urgency. Which do you have to chose?

If you employ the worth definition, you’re sending a message that safety is vital and can not be compromised. because the business needs change, so will the requirements and focus of safety. However, if safety is taken into account a worth it’ll always be present. Another good question that ought to be considered is: why does a corporation need a security program? Is it because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires it or does one just want to try to to the proper thing? the essential purpose of any safety program is to assist prevent injuries. I don’t know the reference for this, but I even have heard the subsequent statement before and that i think that it fits nicely here: Managers do things right, Leaders do the proper thing.

If you were to seem at the target of regulatory requirements you’ll find that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s main objective as spelled out is: To assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and ladies .

Even the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recognizes that physical compliance with safety requirements alone won’t eliminate injuries. it’s an impossible task for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to aim to write down safety regulations which will address every possible or potential hazard within the workplace. this is often the rationale that some requirements are written as performance-based. Therefore, management must interpret these performance-based standards and compliance initiatives and apply then appropriately within the workplace. this will be done by strictly following the letter of the law or making good management decisions that meet the wants and supply a best management practice for the business.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration along side the security community have recognized that it takes a combined efforts of best management practice, physical safeguarding, training, maintenance, to realize success in a corporation the last word goal of any safety efforts is to require safety programs and integrate them during a safety process where most are responsible and in charge of safety.

James Roughton is an experienced Safety Professional and mentor to other Safety professionals on the aspects of safety. He has the subsequent certifications, MS, CSP, CRSP, CHMM, CET, CIT, and authorized 6 Sigma Black Belt. additionally i’m an independent thinker and innovator who have varied interests. he’s a security Professional my trade, but has broken out of the mold of safety by reaching bent others outside of the profession and sharing his other interests of developing websites, social networking, and learning about what’s FREE on the web . If you’d wish to learn more about safety elements et al. areas of interest, please visit my internet sites .

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