The Workplace Safety Policy


We all seem to require safety at work without any consideration . As an employer, it’s your ethical responsibility to require care of employees working for you, failing which, there just could be a disaster waiting to happen. Besides causing injury, work place accidents cost time and money. On a more practical note, you’ll even be held accountable and made to pay a penalty that would wipe out profits. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules punish violation of safety standards that would end in death or serious physical harm to an employee. Therefore, developing a piece place safety policy and abiding by it’s an absolute necessity.

Remember the subsequent while putting a piece place safety policy in place:

whilst an entrepreneur with few employees, you’ll need to abide by OSHA requirements. However, in American states where a federally certified plan has been adopted, the state plan governs. If you’ve got hired non employee workers, like independent contractors or volunteers, then you’re not subject to the OSHA rules.

the primary step to complying with the OSHA regime is to know the published safety standards. Naturally, these will change counting on the industry you’re in.

~ Also, simply because you suits the standards that specifically apply to your business or industry doesn’t suggest that your job is completed . Standards are updated frequently, and new dispensations inherit the image from time to time – make certain to stay in-tuned with the newest developments.

To begin with, get in-tuned together with your insurance firm . Ask their safety specialist to go to your premises and make necessary recommendations. Insurance companies are going to be quite willing to assist you devise an appropriate work place safety policy, because the safer your business, the less accident claims you’ll file. Some government organizations, generally supervised by the Department of Labor or Department of Commerce, could also assist you found out a security program.

Industry trade associations and other business groups might offer seminars on safety at work and also provide training literature for alittle fee. Also, there are private consultants who help businesses found out safety programs that meet OSHA regulatory standards. Your lawyer could be ready to recommend an honest consultant in your area.

Once you’ve got the program in situ , put it in writing and make the security manual. the security manual should explain what to try to to within the event of a fireplace , explosion, natural disaster or the other catastrophe your business might face. make sure that you’ve got well-stocked fire extinguishers and first-aid kits in the least convenient locations throughout the work place. Check a corporation which makes products like fire extinguishers and medical supplies. Added thereto confirm your employees know where these are located and the way to use them. the security manual should also explain the proper procedure for performing a routine task that would have some inherent danger if not done the right way. Seeking employees’ opinion as an input during this regard are going to be most helpful as they’re closest to the roles and know best about potential dangers which could not be obvious to you.

Finally, get an insurance professional, a government representative and your attorney to review the finished manual. this is often a mirrored image of your company’s commitment to safety, so confirm you catch on right.

Conduct regular meetings and inspection, and even introduce an incentive scheme if need be, to extend awareness about safety measures at work. Try establishing a “Safe Employee of the Month” award, or run a contest inviting suggestions for improving safety.

Books like “Simulating Work Place Safety Policy” on could also assist you develop your own.

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