Types of Fire Extinguishers for Your Workplace Safety


We’ve all seen fire extinguishers in schools, public buildings, and even at people’s homes. Fire extinguishers are excellent tools for putting out fires and saving lives, but many of us do not know the way to use them properly and effectively. it’s important to understand that there are different extinguishers for various sorts of fires, and the way to handle an extinguisher. actually if you own a business OSHA Regulations require you to training your employees on their use. Read below and you’ll always be prepared within the event of a fireplace .

Fire Classification Fires are classified by what sort of material is burning.

Class A fires ask most fires that catch in ordinary objects. Ordinary objects include clothing, toys, carpets, and papers.

Class B fires ask fires that are based in flammable liquids like grease, oil, or gasoline. it’s important to recollect that grease and oil are often found in most kitchens, and also in some bathroom products like lotions and hair balms. Garages are hot spots for sophistication B fires, as there can easily be grease, gas, or oil on the bottom , in tanks, or on rags.

Class C fires occur when electrical equipment like wires and electrical appliances erupt .

Class D fires are less common in houses because the other classes of fireside . They ask fires that catch in metals like magnesium, titanium, potassium and sodium. Water or liquid chemicals generally don’t extinguish these fires. They often require an extinguishing dry powder to place them out.

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