What To Do When You Do Not Have Entrepreneurial Skills


I recently took an entrepreneurial quiz which evaluated my answers and informed me i might do best as a hired hand! So why am I a successful home business owner? Because I’ve learned to fill the holes in my entrepreneurial style, and catch up on my deficiencies.

Let’s start with an inventory of qualities which may benefit someone working for him/herself:

1. Ability to ascertain the large picture and plan accordingly;.

2. Self-discipline;

3. Ability to use time wisely;

4. At minimum, a moderate drive to achieve;

5. Adaptability;

6. Autonomy;

7. Decisiveness;

8. a sense of control over your own destiny;

9. Having (energy) drive and enterprise;

10. Motivation to grow;

11. Sense of intuition;

12. Ability to identify opportunities;

13. Perseverance;

14. Problem-solving abilities;

15. Risk-tolerance;

16. Self-confidence;

17. Social skills.

As an example, let’s check out John Doe. John has a superb nose for an honest opportunity; he drives his wife crazy with always turning everything into a replacement business idea. he is not afraid to form a choice and take the danger . He features a huge drive to achieve; he wants to be rich! John is confident that he can accomplish everything he sets bent do.

Then the truth of the remainder of John sets in. he is not real good within the follow-through; as a matter of fact, he starts one business only to return up with another, and yet one more , idea over and over. He writes up proposal after proposal, and always stumbles over the concrete details, like turning goals and visions into action plans, and projecting budgets. He starts and stops, never stopping long enough to guage and plan ahead for the success of subsequent venture.

John may benefit from postponing his next decision until he hones his problem-solving skills a touch . He must understand where he’s gone wrong and plan for fulfillment subsequent time. John also could put his vision for his work and his life down on paper, and learn to use this vision to assist choose opportunities that are in sync together with his financial and career goals.

John is confusing working hard with getting ahead. He must continually evaluate the tasks he’s engaged in to work out if he’s , indeed, using his time wisely.

And lastly, John would learn tons from finding a business opportunity that might combine teamwork, successful strategies and skill building to encourage him to use his abundant perseverance to at least one business until he succeeds.

John can check out this list and see how one strength could catch up on another weakness. If he wasn’t very decisive, he might be spared many an bad quick decision, and powerful problem solving skills could bring an eventual understanding of the proper path for HIM. What he lacked in self-confidence might be made up for with social skills that enabled him to figure well with a mentor or a knowledgeable team. Lack of enterprise or drive could mean he isn’t cut out for over-the-counter or door-to-door retail sales. But he might shine within the backroom day-in-day-out details of getting employment done, or in website-based business.

Oh yeah…and John could also hear his wife, and just provides it all a rest a minimum of at some point every week 

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