Why Communication is Important for Business Success


The ability to “communicate with a focus” (action) plays an important role. no matter our occupation, the individuals who excel during a specific field and are ready to communicate this data to profit others and themselves always win. Be aware of your presence, voice, visual communication , eye contact, and actions. Communication has many forms and when used properly you win.

Democracy and capitalism form a communication system allowing us to figure with each other within the us , political campaigns are abundant because 2004 may be a Presidential election year. Will George Bush be reelected, the Democratic candidate, or an Independent? A political campaign is won on the power of a pacesetter to speak to the people their path forward for a far better future. Newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his inaugural speech, “Let me assert my firm belief that the sole thing we’ve to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Everyday we awaken with a positive winning attitude or a negative losing attitude. the selection and decision is yours. A positive winning attitude communicates life is fun and you are a success. A negative losing attitude communicates the other . Therefore, awaken with a positive winning attitude. there’s no cost and it’s many mental and health benefits.

Your ability to speak determines whether you’ve got a winning sales call. subsequent time you communicate with a private , focus. it’ll differentiate you and will offer you a competitive advantage. It takes practice. Your lunch meetings are going to be more meaningful and once you say “hey” and talk together with your spouse rather than heading straight upstairs your personal life are going to be more meaningful. Selling will become a winning proposition.

If I receive good communication from the players, coaches, and fans during a sporting event, i do know we’ll win. The players communicate to me by making plays. If my team intercepts the ball, I cheer. If my team allows a touchdown, I’m not cheering. The announcer and scoreboard also inform me of who is winning the sport .

I wish I knew every language within the world. Could you imagine the power to attach with people? When two people do not know an equivalent language communication still takes place. In Washington, DC i used to be driving and saw a person and woman making what seemed to me to be abusive gestures. His face looked thwarted then did hers. I parked my car and commenced walking towards them. In my mind, i used to be to calm things and that i thought this cannot be happening. As I approached, i noticed they were using signing . As I checked out the buildings, engraved above the door on the building to my left was Gallaudet University. I told a lover about my experience and he informed me Gallaudet University may be a school for the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students. It made more sense to me. Assumption may be a losing sort of communication.

To address traditional communication consider the subsequent . What you say, how you say it, your listening skills, your understanding, and response make an impression i used to be flying from Atlanta, GA to Pittsburgh, PA. I observed a woman sitting beside me reading a book intently. We were thirty minutes outside of Pittsburgh when the plane started losing altitude. It felt like we were on a roller coaster. The plane was definitely communicating there is a problem to the pilot and passengers. When there is a problem, you better fix it, especially when on an airplane. the woman beside me started reading fast, prayed, began to look nervous, and grabbed my arm tightly. Being positive minded and knowing something had to be done, I utilized humor to calm her and myself. I told her with a humorous i do know what’s happening tone, “Don’t worry; they’re just backing off the jets.” Someone giving her some positive and knowledgeable sounding input calmed her and therefore the airplane became stable and that we landed safely in Pittsburgh. I did the simplest I could do and i am glad I did not have to try to to better. I made up the humorous line to profit her and that i . Understand, prayer and humor when used correctly are winning sorts of communication.

A significant sort of communication is motivation. Motivation gets you to think and do. It provides fuel for professional and private fulfillment. My motivational tip for the New Year is for you to “communicate with a focus” (action) and you’ll have more fun, create more value, develop better relationships, and show you care. Be genuine, comfortable, and patient. Remember, “Communication is that the difference between winning and losing.” it’ll make a big difference in your life. Be a winner!

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