Why You Should Always Be Credible in Business


Public relations is all about credibility and trustworthiness. If you do not practice PR, then you’re likely to be incredible.

Some of the weather of a PR program include research, media
relations, publicity, special events, employee relations,
client relationship management, crisis communication, trade
shows/conferences, community and government relations, and
corporate identity. PR helps you shape internal and external
opinion about your organization with an eye fixed toward building
support among your key “publics.”

What are you able to expect from PR if it’s done correctly?

– Boost Credibility. Media coverage or word-of-mouth from the
right people heightens your credibility far more than a billboard
ever could.

– Build Trust. People trust what they’re conversant in . A
proactive PR program that gets and keeps your name ahead
of people are often the primary step in building that trust.

– Generate Leads. Positive publicity for your products and
services can generate sales leads for you to follow up.

– Word-of-Mouth. By increasing awareness of your company,
people and products, media coverage provides fodder for the
word-of-mouth machine.

– Shape Attitudes. From employee communication to publicity,
PR tactics are often wont to tell your story convincingly to key

– Refine Customer Service. those that believe PR is about
one-way, top-down spin doctoring – I hope – are relics of the
past. Two-way PR, during which the corporate actually solicits and
listens to customer feedback, can provide the type of edge
companies need today during this age of commoditization.

So, do not be incredible. Make PR an integral a part of your business strategy.

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