Workplace Safety: Lead by Example


Most employees are confused when it involves work place safety. tons of times management appears to shift the blame instead of lead the pack. Here are a couple of tips to assist you motivate your staff to insure a safer workplace.

1. Lead by example ! an easy statement but not so simple to hold out. If we would like our employees to be enthusiastic and consistent about workplace safety we’d like to be the source of that enthusiasm. If they believe we are simply paying lip-service, or playing the old CYOA game they’re going to either be resistant or only function under an equivalent rules. Be genuinely hooked in to the security of your people. Without them there’ll be nobody to manage or lead. most of the people don’t practice in their personal lives what they struggle to display at work. therefore the very first thing is to measure your own personal life as you’d want your employees to be at work. Think safe and live safe, and it’ll become who you’re and the way you are feeling to your peers and employees.

2. Incentive Programs ! Everything costs money you say? There are all types of incentive programs and most of them work to a particular extent. However if your employees truly feel your concern about their well being which it’s a minimum of the maximum amount about them because it is about costs, paperwork or Workman’s Comp, the motivation for a safer workplace becomes ever-present. believe it your the leader show them you care and reap the advantages .

Be supportive of your employees, if you demonstrate to them that their safety comes before production, profit, Etc. you’ll see increases in efficiency and profitability across the board !!

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